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Bob do you remember Peanuts at the stack of bricks when we were there on MAR, his name was Pete Brown from St Hellier his parents owned a hotel there, we went one night to the Prospect of Whitby for his birthday and we all got pissed and the thing in those days was to debag and rip up there jockeys , this we did and he wore the "Y2 front and crutch as a scull cap .
well on way back to Stack of Bricks he had nothing to wear so I always carried a rolled up plastic mack in my back pocket so Peanuts wore that on the bus back down Commercial road but he was hanging on to the post on the long bench seat by the door and everyone was making comments that they could see thru the raincoat. jealous sods. I think Peanuts was a Cayzire Irvine cadet . I did have a photo of all of us standing on the back wall inside the pub with peanuts wearing his scull cap and ripped to shreads jeans.
I have over the years moved my times and my dad looked after all my cine films and photos but alas he died and my stepmother thru them all out including his war photo albums tragic but i have nothing to post or show anyone.
I had a realy good cine of bad weather in Japan sea and also on Valla up the signal mast going through the suez canal panning from ford to aft . i nearly got gazed from fumes blowing ford at slow speed from the funnel . All in a days work.
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