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Bernard ......My statement stands as it is SPECIFICALLY about the Principle North Atlantic cargo convoys inbound to the British Isles 1939 - 1941. Those from Halifax 7,202 (144 lost), Sydney NS 1920 ( 102 lost), and Freetown 2935 (45 lost). A total of 12,057 ships and a total of 291 ships lost in 900 convoys. Out of those convoys 19 lost 6 or more ships which came to a total of 187 which equalled 871,078 GRT. The number of ships arriving in those convoys is derived from British Monthly Anti-submarine reports Sept 1939 to December 1941. The losses which include escorts are from Rohwer "Axis Submarine Successes".

They DO NOT include the considerable independant sailings and losses which your Lloyds quotation would have included.

I was being specific to try to illustrate the enormity of the shipping involved, the success of the convoy system and the fact that at the end of 1941 despite the propaganda which had caused a fear to spread in this the first phase of the war, the facts were different.

I really reccommend you beg borrow or steal the two Volumes by Clay Blair ... "The Hunters" 1939 - 1942 and "The Hunters" 1943 -1945. They are an extremely detailed account of the U-boat war and give a clear account of the swings and roundabouts of both sides of the battle.

When quoting statistics people can make figures say whatever they want to as we full well know as the accountants steadily, and rather quickly dismantled the British Merchant Navy in the 70's a feat the U-boats were never going to do in WW II.

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