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I can't see the point in all these figures because what attracted my attention to this thread was the allegation that the British could have won the war on our own. No matter where these cargoes came from, according to Churchill, 80% of all tonnage sunk was in the Battle of the Atlantic. Of this, 55% was British, so my question, now is, could we have sustained these losses on our own, invaded Normandy and all the rest?

Not only that. The American t2, with which I am familiar, was far in advance of any other tanker in its own right. The accommodation brought a new concept to living conditions, with a shower in every officer's cabin, fridges in the smokerooms, icewater machines. Cargo handling with fixed speed centrifugal pumps and, in general, for the surviving ships, an age that took them decades into the postwar years.

The Americans respected their seamen and took care of them however they could while British sailors were off pay as soon as they were torpedoed.

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