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When quoting statistics people can make figures say whatever they want to as we full well know as the accountants steadily, and rather quickly dismantled the British Merchant Navy in the 70's a feat the U-boats were never going to do in WW II.

I don't want to beat our American friends' drum too much- they are quite capable of doing that for themselves, but, although the British Merchant Navy existed, in 1948, when I was apprenticed with them, Counties Ship Management was reported to have 135 WWII American and Canadian built freighters under bareboat charter. Ask those who worked for other well known British shipping companies and they will, probably, tell a similar story.

Even P&O had Victory ships, I saw them regularly in Colombo. Their destinctive silhouettes were seen with monotonous regularity all over the world. Where would we have been without this tonnage in the postwar years?

I sailed as third and second mate on a German built, requisitioned "Empire" ship. What a heap of old junk that was!

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