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Wink Of WW II, tankers, facts, figures and good exchange

Split ..... the cracking up of the Liberties .... and the T2's ..... was again not as big a problem as myth would have it .... I have the details elswhere .... sure some broke ... they do today as well don't they?

On Worcester, sitting on the Thames at Greenhithe from 1955 - 1959 the whole world went by on their way to and from London Docks ....we saw them all ..... by the heck I wish we had had the digital cameras we have today. Still we have Lawrence Dunns pics thank goodness and ... memory. you are quite right ... life is full of ifs.

Went on the Universe Daphne on her maiden voyage loading in Mina in 1961 and to my eye she was little advanced on the T2, steel cabins, tubular steel chairs, ss sinks ... but by crikey she carried over 100,000 tons of oil. Which reminds me being American I wonder if they were short tons or long tons ...? and another puzzle .... harping back to our WWII ... why did they always quote tonnages in GRT .... we all know GRT is "fictitional" look at the ruddy container ship and other freaks of today ... GRT applied to them means nothing.

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