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The total number of ships in the fleet, and those on order come to 70 ships, or thereabouts, with more orders in the Pipeline.
We've only had 3 new LNG tankers delivered, with another 4 on order, plus 4 LPG, and in the past 3 years or so, we've ordered 20 MCC (about 100k dwt), 6 Products (37k dwt), and another 12 product tankers (all 46k dwt), plus a load of Mediteranian coasters (10 of them), 3 UK coasters, and 4 MCCs for Alaska (US built and crewed).
There are persistent rumours that an order for some Chemical tankers is planned.
LNG/LPG ships are by far the best to sail on, the best accommodation, the best equipment, and the least work!

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