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Originally Posted by Pi R 310 View Post
Have just come across this site. Enjoyed reading the various posts, brings back a lot of memories.
I was at Woolverstone Hall from 1947 - 1949.
310 Pearce (Reg) and was known as Pi R. (Foretop)
Went into the Merchant on leaving the school.
Hallo Pi R - great to see your post and think there are now a few of us from those long gone days. Can you recall any names of the other lads in your dorm, ot maybe in your class? In 12 dorm we had a Keenan who for some reason was moved to the fore top dorms. He was a friendly sort. His pal was a Mick Mann from our dorm and they both left in 49. Jim Mason was also a leaver in 49.

The names I recall from 12 Dorm are

Alex Loveday
Peter Lightbody
? Ring wood
? McCarthy


Pamphlin (snaky)



I'm straining the brain cells here!

Cheers/Alan. 717. ( Rags, at Woolverstone)

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