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Mr Langley

Originally Posted by Pi R 310 View Post
I recall a lad nicknamed 'Bonce' Chew or Tue
'Blackie' Black a chap with asthma
A very big lad named Salmon who helped us 'out of bounds' gang scare the living daylights out of a group of Pin Mill girls that we regularly hung out with.
Mr Croot - of the large hands (our form master) stands out. I recall him roaming the classroom with a length of 1'' x 3'' timber which he would hold an inch or two above a suspect malingerer's head, to let drop if deserved!
The Head Master was F Langley, who in my final term report 'other activity ' section wrote 'smoker' which because of his writing , I had read for ages as 'snooker'.
My older brother joined T S Exmouth at Grays Essex in 1939. The school was evacuated to Lydney, Glos. at war outbreak. My brother Ken Pearce (age 16) left in 1941 and served as deck boy on SS Newbury which was torpedoed in September 1941. Ken never came home!
After the war Exmouth moved to Bray and then Woolverstone.

Will try to delve back through the old memory bank for some more 'snippets'!

Look forward to reading further posts from the original Woolverstone Hall 'old boys' Cheers Reg Pearce.
Hi Reg,

Great to read your memories....

Grout I remember well with his big scaly hands. He was a bit too fond of using them - he wouldn't last five minutes today in the classroom!

In 1964 I was on watch on the passenger ship (Heysham/Belfast ferries) Duke of Lancaster, when one of the passengers gate crashed the little barrier and came up on to the bridge in the dark. It was around midnight, and we often had drunks turfed off the bridge on passage. Anyway, we got talking and this chap turned out to be Langley on his way to a conference in Belfast. We got to talking about Woolverstone Hall etc but in the end I had to call the QM to do his duty!!
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