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Originally Posted by Tony Brown View Post
As far as I recall a piece of music played whilst the inspection was going on at divisions was La Paloma (I believe THE DOVE in Spanish) and the march we always played going around the quadrangle in front of the house was Imperial Echo's as it made a might sound bouncing back off the building.
I remember Black the lad with the Asthma as he was in the same dorm as me and it was not good when he got an attack during the night. It has always amazed me that there let him join.
Lou Armstrong was another, I still have his hair brushes he lent me!!!
I can't not remember the sports master but a teacher who taught English, Edwards was avery good rugby player and Cout was reputted to have kept goal for the R.N. with hands that size, no wonder!! The cricket ground was first class and that is where Alex Loveday and myself spent a lot of time. The pavilion is still there but I don't thoink the girls are using the square much. I last visit there 4 years ago and what a change in the facilitites available. The old stable block was in a mess and not being used for much, not a sign of a nisen hut!!
Ah, the memories come flooding back!

Yes, La Paloma, and as mentioned the band regularly played ' By Land and Sea' to a slow march arrangement. I enjoyed those days.

The stable block brings back a lot of memories too . The showers, ( I still stand under the shower pulling an imaginary chain over my shoulder, a la Woolverstone). ( No jokes, please!). Then there was the tray of purple ? that stained your feet and ankles with a purple band - anti-foot rot grunge, wasn't it. Also the sick bay - the less said the better.

Tony, any chance of seeing the photo you mentioned earlier?

Best wishes/Al
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