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Sebe, What a memory!! I think you got them all . I am the Titus, so named by my good mate Rog Turnbull ( who I would dearly love to hear from). one of the only ones I am dificulty putting a face to is you , I will have to get the old pics out. Ive only just found this site and am looking forward to having a few virtual pints(on Me) and a trip down nostalgia lane
I joined the Lucknow in 1961 prior to a trip to India and East Pakistan via the Cape. (Can anyone remember that cricket match in Khulna. We lost because they got us well and truly plastered at lunch, The Old man was not pleased as they poured us off "Dolpipi", the agents launch)
Wonderful days, good shipmates and a time of life never forgotten
Some things that stand out in the memory.
The sight of Terry Lyons in his towel having a beer on deck, Put me off being ahomosexual for life.
Pete Williams, Waiting for the Elephants to arrive in Mombasa.
Rog Turnbull Complete idiot sliding past me on his Lambretta
" Bazil " Rathbone, seasick all the way to America( was very rough though
Westie, little scouser.
Who was the vicars son who would not utter a swear word no matter how we tried.
Ginger, fell asleep on deck crossing the Pacific, worst case of sunburn Ive ever seen
A Guy called Ian Maplethorpe who must have the record for the worst case of seasickness ever. even in the Suez canal. He only did the one trip.
The bosun who introduced us to his neice and her friend in New York
Keith Beverly, chubby bugger with a beard. great guy
Hutch, the mate with the coldest blue eyes, Notable for his "Job and Finish" promises not fullfiilled.
The Decola and our only two records, The Four Seasons singing Cherry baby and the beatles singing Love me do.

I will leave it like that
, look forward to hearing from you all and to find out where you are and what you are up to.
Im now in Falmouth by the way.
All the best Titus
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