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Ron, Are you sure about Hutch, Terry Lyons was the training officer when I joined and Hutch was the 1st Mate, I also thought the old man was "God"

Hi Tony,

Lovely to hear from someone that was on the same voyages as me aboard the 'Lucknow'. It wasn't me that referred to Ch Officer Hutcheon as the training officer, it was another member here, Sebe (and he posted it on a different thread).

At present there are two very similar threads running on the site and so I have sent a PM to one of the moderators to ask if the threads can be merged, so that we don't lose anything or get too confused (all too easy in my case).

Unfortunately we junior officers weren't included in the shoreside jollies that were organised for the apprentices, so we could only hang over the rails in Chalna and watch you hear off up-river to the delights of Khulna. Similarly we weren't included in the garden parties or dances arranged elsewhere, but then we were able to organise our own 'social events' aboard ship, from which good-looking apprentices were excluded.

Do enjoy the site, do post all the photos and reminiscences that you have and let us all share in the memories.

Good luck

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