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Many thanks for your help, Kris. Now all the posts are on one thread and perhaps we can begin to see who is who and which voyages we were on.

One of the things that surprised me after joining this site in 2005, and starting to do a little digging into the histories of the ships on which I sailed, was how brief the life of the 'City of Lucknow' had been as an apprentice training ship. It was a shock to me that she had been sold out of the fleet in 1963, just after I had left her to go to Shell Tankers; I thought that she would go on for years.

Even more surprising was the fact that she didn't begin her training role until 1958 - when I joined her in 1961 I thought that she had been doing that job for years. So she only served for a little over 5 years and those of you that did a couple of years on her enjoyed a large part of her career. Brief though it was, I think that it is worth remembering and hope that some of you ex-apprentices will submit some of your photos and stories of the goings-on (aboard and ashore) whilst serviing on her.

Keith Beverley was from Hull but I can't remember where the earlier Yorkshireman Fletcher came from. We also had a South African, Ellerman ex-apprentice, as Fourth Mate during one S. African trip, John Netterburg, who was from the Cape. A former schoolmate of his told me that John died a couple of years ago in the USA where he had gone to live.

We had a great crowd of engineers during my time, but they didn't have too much involvement with the apprentices - there were no engineering apprentices.

Looking forward to more postings about those times.

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