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Ron, Thanks for the reply. I gather from what you say that you were one of the officers, Perhapse a photo would help me remember. I dug out a few pics today, afraid they are not in the best condition especially as I developed and printed them myself on the Lucknow. I made the mistake of expressing an interest in photography and was immediately made official film developer. There was a cabin set up as a printing room. I remember winding the film onto a spool thingy inside a container into which I poured some chemical then counted to 100 before fixing it .Printing was a hit and miss affair especially when at sea, couldnt have done it on a motor ship though.
I do remember John Netterberg. I had lived in SA for 16 years anbd so we had a bit in common. Fraid I have no idea where he went. All I cn remember was he rolled the thinnest fags I have ever seen, at the most a single strand of tobacco to a roll. I also frightened the life out of him(and me) when he jokingly suggested that I should polish the brass on the outside of the bridge wing, I didnt know he was joking(first tripper) and climbed out . surprising how you can hang onto a rivet head..
I was sorry to hear about John Cole, Nice lad. I was looking at some pics today on the beach in Oz with both him and Keith Beverley on them.
One thing, can people put their proper names on here as it difficule to know who you are. Tony Turner
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