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Ron, This could turn into a real marathon of" yarning" as you put it.Since Gareth started with the enquiry about the rtw trip in 62, I will tell you my memories and photos of it.
We sailed from Glasgow on 24/10/62 with about 500 tons of stone ballast and about seven new cadets who had never been to sea before. I was by now an "old hand" having just over a year under my belt. I knew what Smoko's were and could yell " kaberda nichi". We sailed round the southern end of Ireland heading for Newport News in the USA and ran into probably the worst storm I ever encountered. Force 11/12. most of the new cadets were sick but none worse than one called Rathbone, I remember feeding him bits of dry toast through clenched teeth(his, not mine) Others lined up outside the saloon to gulp down what they could before diving to the lee rail to get rid of it. We eventually got to the other side and visted Philadelphia, and,New York. Quite an experience. Glen Wagge introduced a couple of us to his niece and a friend to take to a high school dance, I made a bit of a dive at the friend who was not a bad looker but after a bit of a snog in a park she asked if we would have to get married cos she might have a baby, I was glad to get on the way to OZ. Remember being buzzed by the US Navy all the way through the straights of Florida, The Cuban Crisis was going on and we didnt seem to know much about it. Panama was an amazing experience but the trip across the Pacific was long and hot. There was a scots lad " Ginger" who fell asleep on deck and had the worst sunburn Ive ever seen. Covered in calomine from head to toe and still made to work. Arrived in Gladstone, what an experience. Corrugated iron pub where the beer was only sold in sherry glasses, you could but a jug though as long as you drank it from the glass.
We did Newcastle. great place. Some photos.
We had Christmas there too I believe.
Didnt like Brisbane much but loved Sidney.. The Sound Lounge, Adam's Jazz Travern, even tried Montgomerys but you had to keep your back to the bar there.
Melbourne and Adelaide were good then on to Port Piri. The Old Man stopped the ship and put about six of us into the Whaler with a crate of beer, some sandwiches, a chart and a compass and said that he would expext us in port later. Couldnt even see the land which is very low lying. The beer and sarnies were gone pretty soon and there was no wind to sail, we rowed for a bit but were getting nowhere so we hailed a passing fishing boat and got a tow to the start of the river. (We didnt want the old man to think we had had help, We then started to sail with a very slight wind up the river tacking back and to, Didnt see the dirty great tanker comming down until it was to late and rammed it amidships in full view of the old man. Fortunately the pilot of the tanker stopped the engine just as we got near to the prop which we could see clearly thrashing ever closer. Got a bit of a bollicking as I recall.
Port Piri was a dump with a railway line running down the middle of the main street, Saturday night was Cowboy night and everyone dressed as cowboys and went to the local corrugated iron cinema. Think we loaded lead there
Back up the coast to Sidney where we arranged to have a dance. The boat deck was all decorated and we put on our best No 10's ( or was it 12's) and entertained the daughters and friends of the agents. I met a very nice young lady who invited me to lunch with her parents who then showed me the sights of Sidney and sent me off with a huge box of goodies, Wonderful.
Sailed back round the north end of OZ and headed back to Suez then to Genoa for bunkers. After six weeks or so we were desperate and had one wild night ashore . I woke up stretched accross a railway line just short of the gangway, Never touched Chianti after that. After Genoa the Channels began to set in but I cant remember which port we went to, I assume it was London. That was 27/3/63. I did one more voyage in her but for the life of me cant remember whether it was to South or East africa, short trip, 2 months 23 days so it could have been either
Wonderful times with good and bad times.
Smokoes with the toast swimming in butter
putting you "dear John" on the notice board for all to read
standing watch on the fo'csle seeing the dolphons and flying fish
working extra hard for a job and finish and not getting it
lying on your bunk with the ventilator turner full on and feeling the sweat trickle off your chest.
Great cameraderie
45 years, a lifetime ago and yet it is so fresh in the memory

Hope I hav'nt bored you too much enjoy the pics
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