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If my memory is still functioning then I sailed with Capt Broadbent on the City of Glasgow 1966. If its the same man, the mate you refer to -Haines- was master on the City of Bedford 1966/7 where I did my first trip as 3/O. It was his first trip as Master and also the mate, 2/O and myself were all on first voyages in those positions. I can remember thinking this is great, I've reached some sort of dizzy heights only to find we had no apprectices and life just continued as before. Capt Haines then moved to the City of St.Albans and was master on it when it was involved in the shelling incident coming out of Calcutta in the early 70s.
Yes, there was time then to see places that were totally unknown to folk at home, explore in safety, make friends and generally feel privilaged to have done so. Now most have changed names, changed skylines and joined the tourist and cruise ship itineries.

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