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Hi chaspat,

Having been just two weeks at sea I was a deck boy on the Cormull. I remember that Sunday morning very well. As previously mentioned the weather was atrocious, high rough seas, blizzard conditions.
I remember men in the sea clinging onto hatchboards, a lifeboat with the captain sitting in the stern with his russian style hat with his world war 11 flying jacket and flying boots. More reminiscent of an airman than a sea captain. We rescued the men in the sea one of whom died on deck soon after.With all on board we then proceeded onto London. The Corchesters survivors joined us in the mess room and having had no bond issue the crew of the Corcheser provided the cigarettes. Only vest and pants but plenty of ciggies.
I recall the ship sinking, classic, with the stern out of the water she slid down below the waves.I have no photgraphs of this sad event but would be interested to hear from anyone with similar memories of that incident. I could go into this in more depth but will not do so on this occasion,

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