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Hi Chaspat

The "City of Sydney" which Bruce refers to was in collision with Cory's "Corchester" off Haisboro Light on 19.Feb 1956. She cut the "Corchester" in two. Eight killed.
As the "Nicholaos Tsavliris" she was sold and broken up in 1956
She was built the the Workman Clark yard in Belfast in 1930.
She was involved in a major rescue in the Indian Ocean on 31.Mar.58 when she rescued 1300 passengers from the burning "Skaubryn". As the "Sydney" had insufficent space,food,water etc for such an up lift the passengers were transferred to the Italian Liner "Roma".
She was sold out of Ellermans 28.May58.

An eventful last couple of years with JRE.

Source - Duncan Haws Merchant fleets "Ellerman Lines"


Fergus 62
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