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Something spooky about this. By pure coincidence I was looking through some old editions of Sea Breezes last night and in the December 1983 edition what jumped out of the page but an article titled "Last voyage of the Corchester" written by G R Ney.
The article details the events leading up to the incident,the rescue and closure. The Corchester was skippered by Capt George Northcott, the Corchester was the only Cory ship to have accom in the focastle and the City of Sydney sliced through her at No1 hold wiping out everything fwd of there. Six crew members where killed in that area. Also lost from the main hull were the fourth engineer and steward.At the end of the article it says that the survivors and staff from Corys held a memorial service at the scene on board the "Cormull". Also in attendance was the Seamans Mission Chaplin and a staff member called John Bell who took cine- photograghs of the event.This film was supplimented by shots of the Corchester taken from stills and a spoken commentery etc provided by Cory staff menber David Taylor. The film was later shown in the Cory London office and made available through The Mission to Seaman for families and friends throughout the Cory fleet.

Hope this additional info of interest and perhaps will open some more avenues for you. If you want photo copies of this article pls e mail me with your home address - sorri cant scan, Im working with an old coal burning computer with no scanner.


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