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Originally Posted by Starboard Light View Post
I was on the Ulster joined her in Southampton in Dec 77 as Blocker and left her Aug 16th 1979. Regards,
Ginger Greener.
Never heard of the term BLOCKER whilst with BSL. What was that?. I have come across the term 'block and block' but that obviously related to another matter. I coasted the Ulster alongside at Southampton and remember going up to the Mecca on the pier one weekday night as it was ' Grab a Granny Night' the ladies would have been in their 30's just recovering from a divorce. As I had learnt a few steps in ballrom dancing before going to sea I could not go wrong. They didn't mind dancing with a toy boy of 23.
Now that we are retired the wife and I are out 3 nights a week ballroom dancing and those 'grannies' are still dancing now.

Yes, as you get older what we used to do all night, takes all night to do.
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