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Ever arrived at a pub to find you're too late for the happy hour ? That's the situation Australia finds itself in by embarking on multi-billion dollar conventional submarine building program. Its like we are still building Mustang P-51's when the rest of the world is zipping around in F-86 Sabre jets.
Recent technology has rendered conventional subs all but obsolete.
UUV's ( Unmanned Undersea Vehicles ) & Anti-Submarine Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessels, there are several types on the go, are now undergoing sea trials or final design. They are robotic, satellite-guided, dirt cheap compared to sub cost ( about $20 million versus about $4 billion ) and can stay at sea for months. Some are hunter/killer designs and others are just hunters that call in the killers when they detect a sub. They are packed with super sensitive detection equipment particularly focused on conventional, so-called "silent" submarines. These UUV's etc, initially in hundreds and then in thousands, are just going to cruise the seas sniffing out subs.
These new sub killers are going to be deployed long before our first SWBIO is launched. ( Submarine With Built In Obsolescence )
Sending our sailors out in these jalopies reminds one of the Battle Of Rorke's Drift. The poor old Zulus were very brave but technology deprived.
There is plenty of info on these new sub killers on the web.
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