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OilK and YM, you are right on the button . While I lived in Brjsbane 2004 to 2011 there was constant reference to these current Collins class subs, their performance, mechanical and electrical troubles and above all their manning difficultes. At one stage it was admitted by the RAN that they would have difficulty keeping more than one submarine in active commission and lack of crew willingness to serve on these vessels was a pertinent point.
I imagine that the old WW2 attitudes of devotion to duty and the extra Quid a day offered to submariners cuts no ice these days and it needs special people and attractive conditions to secure reliable crews for the future.
No chance of that if the rest of the world is spelling out that diesel powered subs are old hat and automation takes control.
My personal associations with the RNZN were very very junior as a dockyard apprentice but I did devour as much knowledge as possible about their ships and kept in touch via various means ever since and over the years there has been so many instances where the Naval experts have made recommendations to the government only to have them overridden by political expediency and folly. Similar indiscretion exits via the army and ajirforce at times and Australia's situation seems to be in a similar vein .
If we ruled the world!!

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