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Originally Posted by Les bb+ View Post
Anne, I did sail on this voyage as a bell boy and I agree with what's been said so far with a difference of the ratings fraternising with passengers that happened quite a bit only difference being more discreet for obvious reasons. The mention of the laundry and smalls the ship had a few rooms on the lower decks with just a bath in them......they were frequently used.

I'm quite sure that i am not guilty either. Do have a photo of Natalie around that time to post, was she going to the UK for a visit as many Aussie's did back then to eventually return to AU, I knew many passengers who travelled with friends on board aged around 20 or so to the UK and Europe and then return to "settle down" down under.

You say that you believe you were conceived during that period but where were you born and how old was Natalie in 1965.

Regards Les
did you also happen to sail in 1966 on a voyage to vancouver?
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