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Reunion in Sweden

Originally Posted by Kurt Eriksson View Post
Found your post and just wanted to inform you about a similar activity here in Sweden. I did 3 turns on m/v Killara (and Nippon) during the years 1967-1970.

I have been asked to show pictures and tell some stories about the life on Killara in Great Bitter Lake at a meeting in Club Maritime in Gavle.

As you probably know, there were many meetings among almost all 14 ships during that time with sailing regattas, grill parties and more.

Wish you a pleasant reunion and kind regards to all,

Kurt Eriksson
Radio Officer, Killara and Nippon
Dear Kurt Eriksson

I was interested to hear about your reunion in Sweden. Do you have photos of it? It would be lovely if we could show some photos at our reunion in Liverpool on 1 June.

Please could you email me via my website?

Thank you very much

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