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Woolverstone Hall plus

Originally Posted by Exo View Post
Some might this of interest -****-school-ships-uk/ - plenty of scrolling.
The site has changed characters in the link so try Googling this - Maritime Monday for October 22nd, 2010: Take Yer **** to School (Ships).uk
Ok so the **** is alfa romeo sierra echo
Hi Exo

Thanks for that - an interesting link, worth exploring...

Reading back through the posts, I see that you left Woolverstone just one term after I joined in Sept. 48. There were a couple of old timers in 12 Dorm on my arrival who also left soon after. They were lads called Mick Mann and Keenan. Do you remember the names or the have any recall? I bumped into Mick Mann 6 months later in Colombo when I was on the coal burning Hazelbank and he was on a Bank Line ship adjacent on the buoys. We took a picture which I still have.
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