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Originally Posted by Harry Grainger View Post
Yes there were two, the Globtic Mercury and I can't remember the other one at the minute. G.Mercury ran from Lake Maricaibo Venezuela to Portland Maine on a Texaco charter and after we half wrecked the Gotaverken engine we limped back to Amsterdam for drydock and to give her back to the Norwegians, spent 11 happy months on her as 4th, all for a purpose to get my sea time in for my 2nd's ticket. Grey matter is working, other one was Globtic Saturn and I think she was even worse than Mercury, and my fellow N.Ireland apprentice from a few years earlier, Roy Bloomer, spent some time on her and I think he had an absolute nightmare. If I'm right J&J took them on as they were a carrot to get the management for the two biggies that Ravi Tikko was building the G.Toyko & G.London but who knows
harry sent you a pm. regards scotty
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