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To answer 2 or 3 threads re Tyne Tees Shipping Company
Digger was Captain Stuart who yes did sport a white silk scarf and believe me he was a character in many other ways, I could almost write a book on him and his foibles a mannerisms. He was a difficult Captain to sail with as his pet problem was always the gangway. At times he might come back lateish at night and call the duty mate from his bunk to get the watchman to sort out gangway lashings, even when there was little wrong. I had been Mate with him on Netherlands Coast, the regular Captain, Eddy fisher must have been on leave and I was after i was given my first job as Master of The Novian Coast he came aboard with a present of an Cap with scrambled eggs on which he had bought for me. Also gave more some advice as to how I should handle the crew which although he was correct I shouldn't repeat.
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