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their ships mainly 9/10 knots

[Most Tyne Tees vessels were about 9/10 knots although Netherlands and Iberian and Yorkshire Coasts managed 12 maybe 13 at a pinch. Even smaller vessels with the tide would tie up Piers to Quay in about an hour

QUOTE=Tony D;37968]Well one was a seafarer and we have a tendency for exageration.,
Yer right about the Pilot we only ever picked one up if we had passengers ,they tended to be young lads from the office who wished a few nights out in Amsterdam,once we had left the piers and submerged though they seldom left their cabins.
Mind you though ones memory grows dim one is sure Old Captain Fisher did it a bit swifter than a hour and forty five minutes,perhaps the waters of Tyne were a tad thinner then allowing a swifter passage.
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