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Commander Smethwick

Originally Posted by woolvo View Post
Can anyone give me information about Commander Smithwick or Smethwick? He signed a calendar with a photograph of Woolverstone Hall with an observation platform on the roof. I just wanted to know a bit more about him as he is mention in this thread.
He was there during my time 48 to 51, and was a remote figure at the head of the establishment. Gave out a sort of Avuncular image, and left all of the day to day contact with the boys and instructors to Commander Wiseman, who was very involved. Wiseman was a tall, good looking man who had a severe (well earned) image, but he had a softer side and found an overnight bed for my Father who arrived unannounced on a bike one day from London!

Matthews took all of the divisions etc, and Smethwick would appear silently for a few minutes for ceremonies etc.

Langley was the civilian headmaster. ( nicknamed 'Tapper') and one of his rolls appeared to be scouring the countryside in his Morris Major for runaways. This happened a few times a term.
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