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The British Navy may be small, but it is well trained and professional. Apart from the HMS Nottingham incident some years back I have not heard of any similar incidents.

You seem to forgotten the HMS Ambush incident off Gibralter in 2016

Then there were these;
HMS Grafton ran aground in Sept 2000, just south of Oslo but was hauled off by tugs and was able to sail home under her own steam.

Norwegian waters also proved treacherous for HMS Campbeltown which damaged her propellors, costing 300,000 to repair when she hit a sandbank off Tromso in 2001, due to navigational errors.

The most recent serious incident suffered by the surface fleet was the near loss of HMS Endurance off the coast of Chile in December 2008. An incorrect maintenance procedure resulted in a hull valve being opened causing a severe flood and loss of propulsion. Extremely fortunate she was not in the Antarctic or far from help at the time, she was able to quickly anchor in shallow waters and receive assistance from the Chilean navy.

In November 2002, while conducting Perisher training, HMS Trafalgar, traveling at 50m depth at speed of 14 knots hit rocks off the Isle of Skye. Three sailors were injured and repair cost 5 Million. Charts in the control room had been obscured leading to the accident.

HMS Superb ran into rocks around 80 miles south of Suez in May 2008. Her bow and sonar were badly damaged and she was forced to surface, limped home and was eventually scrapped. The CO was found guilty of not supervising the navigational plot adequately.

HMS Astute ran aground off the Isle of Skye on 22 October 2010 while on sea trials. She was stranded until high tide with her rudder embedded in the seabed. The tug sent to assist later managed to ram one of the foreplanes of the otherwise undamaged boat. The causes of the grounding were lack of planning, navigation failures and procedures for a new class of boat still being developed.

Quite a catalogue of errors by our highly professional navy, wouldn't you agree?
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