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Originally Posted by Stephen J. Card View Post
For 'Admirals' = 'Accountants' ?

Part of the problem is that new officers are specialists in their field, communications, weapons, warfare etc. None of them are specialist 'navigators'. You have fliers that become commanding officers on aircraft carriers. I don't think RN works this way. If I remember from the 60s, if you joined the RN you became a Seaman Officer, then specialist in weapons, radar etc.

There were some 20 officers on the FITZGERALD, none of them were 'navigators'. The 'navigator' was a Chief Petty Officer and I don't believe he was on board. The simple answer, if I can call it simple, the USN should have three full time watchkeepers on each ship. Must be navigator specialists. The OOW (Navigator) is in charge of navigation. Simple. The rest of the officers can be Assistant OOW and get on with their other jobs.

I have just read an article about a new Bridge Simulator at Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth that can be configued for most types of Naval ships, sea states, ports etc, for training RN Navigation cadets and Navigation Officers.
No doubt the Trainers can throw all sorts of scenarios into a panic situation such that actions become automatic. Train Hard , Fight Easy.
Not quite the same with USN , think it must be Train Easy then Fight Blue on Blue.
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