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Originally Posted by theaskew View Post
Hi Richie
I did 3 trips on Marengo from 8-58 to 11-58,It was Capt,Stokes then.
I did 2 trips 6-62 to sept,62.With Capt Gillis your right he was a man
to be reckoned with.He used to have us stand near the gangway in port.
He was ok.Ive also sailed on Livorno,Bravo,Cavallo,Malmo,Trentino,Rappallo,
Rinaldo,Spero.As you can guess I am from Hull
Regards Artie
I was R/O on the Marengo for several North Atlantic trips, first half of 1958. Captain was David Stokes. He kept signing me on again as soon as we reached home port of Hull, even though it meant paying Marconi for me for 10 days until the ship was ready to sail again. He always asked me not to transmit while the Archers was on :-)
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