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Getting back to the Lizzie, see she is in trouble again , 200 lt / hour leak from one of the sterntube seals.
Presumably they are not oil filled these days, but open to the sea at the prop end and some sort of rubber seal inboard.
Considering the size the shaft will have to be, 200 ltrs/ hour is niether here nor there, keeps the seal lubricated.
Can they not put a rubber cofferdam or a doughnut between the prop and the stern bush and put a new seal in.
I remember as a first trip jnr, our stern gland got a bit too leaky , so they had a diver down in Philadelphia harbour in February to wrap some polythene round the outer bush, then the 2nd and the lads repacked the stern gland with 2" greasy packing. The leaking water stunk to high heaven with all, the pollutants known to man plus it was icy cold. I was on nights pumping out the tunnel bilge 20 minutes every hour ( so not 200lts an hour, much more), with the Sany pump as that was cleanest, though it might have been academic considering the stuff leaking in. This was when toilets discharged straight over the side above the waterline and the Mate had to put the boards out to cover the discharge in case it landed on the quayside.

Considering the leaks they are getting from the dodgy ship side valves its nothing. Standard of Engineering and Engineers today, bah!
That's what you get when you have graduate 'engineers'.

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