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You are all being too hard on technology. It is not the technology but the inadequate application of it We cannot do DP with DPOs a combinator controls. WE cannot control a super low speed engine without electronic governors (so I am told). We do confuse sophistication with complication.

We have motor controls now which 'usually' will not automatically start the standby if the running pump has been deliberately stopped. We have emergency generators that will start and connect automatically (simply achieved) but which will revert to MSB supply when that supply is restored. Both these introduce a level of complication that is usually now requires a processor based solution. I would say both are undesirable, "Oops I pressed the wrong button". A generator runs up and shuts down without the necessity of being locally inspected? What if the main supply has been lost for some as yet recurring problem and its restoration is temporary. There must be many such examples where new 'failure' modes have been introduced both unfamiliar to the established operator and unnecessary.

Barrie's 292 sums it up very well but how about:

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler".

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955) Physicist & Nobel Laureate

(My own, I hope I do not plagiarise, is "simple can be sophisticated". I remember the exercises in Boolean algebra we started with were to bring the logical circuit to it's minimum number of operating gates - The NEBB Startomat did not get this spot on. If a tacho running signal was 'seen' and the engine was not running it acted as if it had received a start signal - I spent a lot of time before finding the tacho circuit earth that was causing one of the generators on Norvegia Team to start itself up!)

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