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As 3/0 and 2/0 on the "Sunflower" during the mid 60's I remember Artur Pakri very well. He was always looking over your shoulder and had a ubiquitous presence on the bridge during all but periods of deep sea cruising. However, I seemed to get on with him very well. This was quite unlike the experience of my buddy Rick Bartley who was 3/0 on the "Sunbrayton" during the same period. He says that Pakri made his life hell, and it was probably for this reason Rick left the sea and took up Air Traffic Control in Vancouver, and later Gatwick (Nav. Radar, Met etc. all very similar). Some years later I left Saguenay and went to Australia, also taking up ATC in Sydney. Now both retired in the UK, we still see each other frequently. Anyone have memories of Capt. Crellin, C/O Cocking, 2/E Reinhardt or other Sunflower' names 63-66?
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