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Margaret Paton

My father "Dundee Dod" homeward bound to Granton was apparently the last trawler to speak by radio with the "Margaret Paton." I don't remember now which trawler he was skipper of at the time, Laura, Meta, Eileen, Walter (all Paton) although he later sailed out of Aberdeen. He had to attend the enquiry into the loss of the Margaret but was unable to add much to what was already known other than (as best as I can remember after all these years) "It was a dirty night." A tragic loss of good men. Can anyone tell me where is the Coral Bank? Until recent times it was supposed to be there was no coral in the North Sea. Is it possibly to the west?
"Dundee Dod" rang off 'Finished With Engines' 31 October 1969 in his bed, specs on nose, reading a book. I wanted to follow him (family tradition of hundreds of years) into trawling but he forbade it in the strongesy possible terms and so I went deep sea. I am forever grateful for his foresight.
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