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Originally Posted by John Cassels View Post

Bob was on the Cast ships for a number of years -- Cotter of the Otter as we used
to call him. Last I heard of him was that he was on Spanish ferries running across
the straits of Gib. Cathie died quite a number of years ago.

Donald Balloch well and kicking. Last saw him in Tesco's in Greenock about 3 years
ago. He was at the checkout with Sadie and I crept up behind him and said in his
ear " Wanna buy a cheap Sulzer ". You can imagine with his typical guffaws , brought
the place to a standstill.

Was on the Baknes early 1972 with wee Jock McVicar (who also sadly lost his wife
about 18 months ago). Can't remember who else was there but it was an exciting
7 months.
mv Baknes, "Exciting"? Like sitting alongside the dock in Oz, main engines thundering away, screw in neutral pitch to power the shaft alternators to get the hatches open because the gennies wer all gubbed once more, wharfies not going to come up the gangway "Not bluddy safe!" Or the crew sweeping previous cargo residue out of the holds and sweeping the Clyde built welding runs out as well, oh aye, "Clyde built is best." And previous message, Mr Shaw, page 8 .... Burmah Garnet and Naess Viking, you are right, no mention of them so far, and that's no bad thing. Who needs nightmares?
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