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Originally Posted by Brian Dodd View Post
Hello Gulpers
I sailed as R/O on the Hopepark Feb-May71, Conon Forest Jun71-Feb72, Gina Maria Jul72-Jan73 and Mountpark Mar73-Sep73, I left Marconi to go direct
employ with SSM but only lasted two trips, fell out and joined BP, must have
been mad. Apart from Hopepark which was an ex Esso tanker bought on the stocks for some New York outfit I enjoyed all my trips, good ships and crews
especially the Gina Maria, US east coast to Central America/Mexico with
general. Some ships I remember Federal Hudson, Fidentia, Dealbrook, Sig Ragne, Haverton, Axel Hieberg, Fort St catherine, another Fort something, will probably find somemore

Hi Brian, I remember you well and hope you prosper. I was 2nd mate then. D'you remember the day right on 1200, 3rd mate and me sorting out the noon position when an AB jumped through the chart room door shouting "We're on fire!" The expression on his face should have been enough but being a born again fool I asked are you sure?" I hit the fire alarm - right on mid-day mind. It rang and rang. Finally the master, Ron Watson, phoned the bridge in a temper "Why is the fire alarm still ringing!!?" (thinking it was just the 'set your watches chaps' gone wrong) "Because we are on f-g fire!" It was just a wee fire in the top pof the funnel though, no big deal for that ship. Happy days right enough. I don't think I or my generation could survive at sea nowadays. When I recollect all the 6 on 6 off watches tank cleaning etc, the mate on the go-on-stay-on, etc etc and the repetitive engine break downs, black-outs ....... when would all this paperwork get done?
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