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more ships denholms

merarzio grecia ro/ro tor calidonia ro/ro cast otter/husky con bulk rollnes/rocknes bulkers (coasters) act 8 ( container) oxford container city of manchester containercity of plymouth container liverpool star container auther container
Originally Posted by Gulpers View Post
There must be SN members who have fond (or not so fond) memories of their times sailing under the "Diamond D."** Let's hear them!From memory, the following is a list of Denholm owned and managed ships from the late 60s to early 80s.* There are probably mistakes, but it's a start.* I know that there were 90 to 100 ships in the company at that time and I would love to hear of any additions to the list. I've named 85 ships and those I sailed on are highlighted in blue.Additions to the original post are shown in red:Al Dhrafrah (Tanker),** Andros (Geared Container),** Anglia Team (OBO),* Arctic Troll (Bulk Carrier/Car Carrier),** [B]Arisaig(Container),** [/I] Athol Forest (Geared Bulk Carrier),** Avon Bridge (OBO),** Bibi (General Cargo),** Braveness (Bulk Carrier),** Broompark (Bulk Carrier),** Burmah Agate (Tanker),** Burmah Endeavour (Tanker),** Burmah Enterprise (Tanker),** Burmah Gem (Tanker),** Burmah Opal (Tanker),** Burmah Pearl (Tanker),** Burmah Peridot (Tanker),** Carronpark (Bulk Carrier),** Cast Fulmar (OBO),** Cast Narwhal (OBO),** Cast Puffin (OBO),** Cast Tern (OBO),** Chelsea Bridge (Bulk Carrier),** Chemical Explorer (Tanker),** Chemical Venturer (Tanker),** Clarkavon (Bulk Carrier),* * Clunepark (Bulk Carrier),** Coastal Corpus Christi (Tanker),** Coastal Hercules (Tanker),** Conon Forest (Geared Bulk Carrier converted to Geared Container),** Craigallian (Bulk Carrier),** Crinan (Bulk Carrier),** Dunadd (Bulk Carrier),* Dunelmia (General Cargo),** Duncraig (Bulk Carrier),** Dunkyle (Bulk Carrier), * Eden Bridge (OBO),* Erskine Bridge (Bulk Carrier),** Eurofreighter (Container),** Euroliner (Container),** Gallic Bridge (Bulk Carrier),** Gastor (Gas Carrier),** Gina Maria (General Cargo),** Holness (Bulk Carrier),** Industria (General Cargo),** Letitia (General Cargo), ** Loch Lomond (Reefer),** Loch Long (Reefer),** Loch Maree (Reefer),** Morar (Bulk Carrier),** Mountpark (Bulk Carrier),** Muirfield (OBO),** Nestor (Gas Carrier),** Nordic Ambassador (Tanker),** Nordic Clansman (Tanker),** Nordic Commander (Tanker),** Nordic Crusader (OBO),** Nordic Louisiana (Sulphur Carrier),** Nordic Texas (Sulphur Carrier),** Norvegia Team (OBO),** Scandia Team (OBO),** Scotspark (Bulk Carrier),** Seatrain Bennington (Container),** Seatrain Saratoga [I](Container),** Sevonia Team (OBO),** Silver Bridge (OBO),** Sir Alexander Glen (OBO),** * Sir Andrew Duncan (Bulk Carrier/Cadet Training Ship),** Sir John Hunter (OBO),** Spey Bridge (OBO),** Stirling Bridge (Bulk Carrier),** Stonehaven (Tanker),** Stromness (Bulk Carrier),** Suecia Team (OBO),** Sugar Trader (Bulk Carrier),** Sugar Transporter (Bulk Carrier), * Tor Anglia(RORO),** Tor Hollandia (RORO),** Troll Lake (Bulk Carrier/Car Carrier),** Troll Park (Bulk Carrier/Car Carrier), ** Troll River (Bulk Carrier/Car Carrier),** Vancouver Forest (Geared Bulk Carrier converted to Geared Container),** Wellpark (Geared Container/Cadet Training Ship)

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