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Originally Posted by E.Martin View Post
I did see a captains tiger flange the rim of the captains coffee cup prior to pouring the coffee mumbling, I'll teach that bastard for getting on to me.
Used to frequently put plates under the salamander for people who got on my ****. Then would instruct the saloon steward to leave the plate half hanging off the edge of the table when he served it, meaning the halfwit who upset me would invariably singe his fingers pushing it on.

Had a second mate once bit of a pompous git who would'nt make do with a nice bacon and egg toastie on the poop deck like the rest of the lads when tying up in Montreal, he insisted on a poached egg sarnie, after breakfast had been wiped down. So put the egg in the pan for all of ooh ten seconds, put the barely cooked egg on a slice of toast and balanced another slice on top. When he squashed it down , squish it went all over his nice new boiler suit. Petty? maybes, but it was bloody funny.

Think it was said earlier 'Don't f**k with cookie'
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