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I was Cook/Steward on the 'Alfred Everard' up in Gothenborg. It was mid winter & as no-one had any 'dhobi dust' aboard and it was too cold to go ashore for some, I decided to make my own! I grated a bar of that old 'carbolic' soap which was a yellow colour. The dhobi room was just off the mess room, (we had an old 'wishy washy, paddle action Hotpoint washing machine) so I headed for it. As I passed through the mess room with the grated soap on a plate , a greedy AB shouted 'Oh look! CHEESE ! He had a handfull down his throat and was going for a second one when he realised his mistake.
He never got off the 'pan' for 2 days & his stomach cramps were terrible.
Moral ?? 'Always ASK the Cook before helping yourself ' !
Serves the ba***rd right LOL
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