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Originally Posted by Old Janner View Post
Cooks stewed / Pissed !! They certainly gave me a lot of experience the hard way. As Galley Boy I covered for the cook and 2nd cook when they were in bed or ashore while in Port.
When 2nd cook I covered for the Ch cook when he was unable to turn to in port and some times at sea, When I became ch / Stwd was still having to fill in for the Ch cook when he was astray or pissed.
I like a good drink but have always been able to do my job, no matter how bad I felt.
Different story, while working bye BP ships in dry dock on the Tyne (Wallsend Slipway) we were always strapped for cash, so on darts nights, 2nd stwd and myself used to make up a big tray of sarnies on board and take them up to the pub, and drink all night without paying. Went home with the barmaid one night forgot to give the galley keys to the 2nd steward, as I was anticipating a long lie in the morning, came out of her house ran down to the pub, came back and could'nt find the house, all the doors looked the same and about 20 doors in the street to embarrasing to knock on them all. Back to the ship no Nookie!!
I can relate to this Old Janner,
First trip away galley boy the cook was a proper piss head, I was constantly covering for him and others as I progressed. I vowed I would never ever fall through with the drink. And never did in twelve years at sea. Went ashore in Gibraltar once when I was 2nd cook didn't come back on board till 5am. I was still in the galley at 5.30, albeit standing with my head propped leaning against the top of the Hobart as the dough went round, fast asleep. Chief cook coud'nt believe it.
Those were the days of liveners at smokoe to pull you round. Aah would'nt happen now would it? LOL
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