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Can't personally vouch for this one, but a bosun I sailed with swears it is true.

Cook on a supertanker, Gulf to Bantry Bay run. Not much of a cook, pretty poor in fact, but high on hygeine and likes to live in a clean cabin. Each night after work, leaves his galley shoes on the mat outside his cabin and slips on a pair of flip-flops for indoors.
One of the crew, who is more into food than hygeine has a couple of beers one night and decides to leave a turd in one of the cooks boots.
The next morning he checks out the galley once or twice, only to find the cook going about his business with a smile on his face. He does the same in the afternoon and again for the next two days - no change whatsoever in the cooks demeanour.
It plays on his mind continuously but he keeps quiet right up until they are al paying off in Bantry Bay. By now he knows he can't leave the ship without a response.
As they walk away from the pay-off table, he turns to the cook and asks him outright. "Hey, cookie, did you ever find out who left the turd in your galley boots"?
No. says the cook. . . . . .

But I know who ate it.

I'll get me coat.
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