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Pilotage at that time on the Tyne was non compusory unless you carried passengers, some masters of small ships who visited the Tyne regularly did not take a pilot, but they did not have a Tyne Pilots "Ticket" Such a thing did not exist. To take twenty minutes from the Tyne Piers to All fast at Gateshead quay would mean the ship would have to do about 30 knots up the river if the tie up time was disregarded. The speed limit on the Tyne at that time was and still is 6 knots maximum. I dont seem to remember Tyne Tees ships being able to reach speeds of 30 knots. The normal time for a small ship from Tyne piers to all fast at gateshead quay would be about 1 hour 45 mins to two hours so it would seem Seldom Wright was on this occasion Quite Wright.
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