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Indeed one recals toward the end of my time on her we did bring silver sand to Sunderland which was most annoying as it meant I would not see my bird that night,
I remember Captain Fisher used to send me along the quay in Amsterdam or Rotterdam(can't recal which now)to chase the lorry drivers around,we used to bring a lot of fruit and veg for the market in Newcastle and the drivers knew if their stuff went in last it was first out,so they tended to hang back,getting away quick from amsterdam, meant we arrived at Gateshead quay at a civilized hour and one got to see ones GF.
Also recal on the sunday afternoon in Amsterdam after dinner they used to shut everything down even the generators and everyone used to turn in,the silence used to drive me nuts,well one was a young lad full of piss and vinegar at the time and the rest of the the crowd were old timers,even got bollicked for making a noise pacing the alley way,or standing on the poop whistling.
hee hee.
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