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Originally Posted by aavh View Post
Here is her history as I have it.


Drumoak: (A.516) (1902 – 1914) (Steel)
O.N. 115562: 208g, 66n 117.8 x 21 x 11.7 feet
62 h p T.3-cyl by Alexander Hall & Sons Ltd, Aberdeen

11.01.1902: Launched by Alexander Hall & Sons Ltd, Aberdeen (Yd. No 392) for North of Scotland Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen (William Meff manager) as “Drumoak” A.516. 02.1902: Completed. 24.02.1902: Registered at Aberdeen A.516. 11.02.1909: In collision with S.T. “Miranda” H 875 slightly damaging her port quarter, while she was fishing in the North Sea. 08.1914: Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper (Ad No 342) based at Dover. 05.10.1914: Mined and lost with all hands in the British minefield at West Hinder off Belgium.
Many thanks for that, Andy. Here is a little more information to round off the subject:

Information on HM Trawler Drumoak (trawler no. 342) - the following extract was obtained from the publication, "Trials and Errors of the Royal Navy" ---

"Two minesweeping trawlers were also lost during October 1914. Confusion over the positioning of British mines, laid as cover for the Ostende & Zeebrugge landings, led to the Admiralty ordering 2 groups of minesweepers on the Kentish coast to West Hinder. By the time of their recall 'Princess' & 'Drumoak' had disappeared with 21 men; presumed dead.”

It should be pointed out that two vessels were involved in this incident.

The names of those seamen lost are inscribed in the Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

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