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Originally Posted by ddraigmor View Post
I can give you a fleet list for the ships?

1960 - Tern Shore
1965 South Shore / North Shore
1967 - East Shore / West Shore / Norfolk Shore / Kent Shore / Essex Shore / Suffolk Shore
1968 - Arctic Shore / Atlantic Shore
1969 - Nova Shore / Pacific Shore / Tropic Shore / Cook Shore
1970- Island Shore / Cape Shore / Petrel Shore / Strait Shore
1971 - Bay Shore / Polar Shore
1972 - Channel Shore / Ocean Shore
1973 - Shetland Shore / Orkney Shore / Bass Shore / Scotian Shore / Breton Shore

After this, I believe they had some more built - named the 'Weather Class' built in 1974

Fastnet Shore / Lundy Shore / Forties Shore / Cromarty Shore

That's all I have on OM but I believe they were 'Zapped' in 1980 - 81.

Hi Jonty,
I was chief engineer on the Dogger shore. first off after trials. They had a swichboard fire on trials but it was all fixed by the Dutch when I took over in Aberdeen. The captain was a great guy called Chris Chipchase. He nearly had a heart attack in Lerwick I when I took the the workboat with three of the crew and stole the Russian flag off the repair boat for the Soviet fishing fleet. I had my shotgun with me and when the Russians came looking I was sitting in my cabin cleaning the shotgun and denying any part of it. The office found out about it and some wanted to fire me but it all got quieted down. My mother found out and sneaked into my house and got the flag and burned it.I wasn't allowed to take my shotgun with me again. Spoilsorts! I live in America now and have a gun locker full.
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