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Originally Posted by Blackal View Post
Don - I met a Master out in Mexico on the Boa Canopus 'Lionel ****' who is possibly the same person. I'll have a trawl through the files and see if I can come up with a surname. Did your 'Lionel' have a sense of humour? (I ask, as the fella I knew - delivered a particularly-superb admonishment to his boss)

I was on the 'Boa Canopus' in Mexico. The skippers I recall were George Bowie, Alan McGregor, Lennart Faggelstrom (spelling) and another Swede called Bjorn who lived in the States. There was also another skipper who was on the 'Tog Mor' when it lifted the 'Mary Rose' but I can't remember his name. Innes Brown was a long serving mate there and I think he did his last couple of trips as skipper ( but I could be wrong) before the Mexicans took over the manning.
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