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Originally Posted by BigBev View Post
Hi Mike

Yes Davey Langlands is still with Cerco at the moment, doing some work on a stores system according to Colin, of course he may have finished that now and be on another job.

Some of the guy's to cross the bar are Tam McKenna (pic), Hugh Clark (pic), Harold Burt (pic), Brian Sherriff, Scouse Webster, Roy Beveridge, Semour Lachlan, Alastair MacGreggor (pic), Frank Boyle, Sandy Boyle, Davey Brown (pic), Frank Derry (pic), Colin Thompson (pic), George Booth, Mike Waldron, (pic) and there are 4 or five others possibly in the picture but I can't remember there names at the moment especially the mate who took the salvage classes? 2nd row between Hugh Clark and Norman Stubbs.

The names of the crew on Nimle in Norway that I remember are Skipper - Barry Kinch, Mate - Jerry Furze, Chief - Myself, 2nd Eng - Colin Booth, Stoker - Derek Welbon, can't remember the other names, one of the AB's was nicknamed Teabag, one at the back next to Jerry Furze.

Shame to see so many have gone. Thanks for info re Davy Langlands.

Mick Carey was the Training Officer at MSS&SD. At the same time I think the Salvage Engineer was a namesake of yours , I've got a feeling they used to call him 'faither'. Bob Erskine took over from him.

Thanks for the names on Nimble; it looked very cold up there. Roo has already identified the others - John Lugton and Stewart Kerr. I can still mind Stewart's efforts on Cairn at making lentil soup! I'll say no more.
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