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Bev, yes, last saw his Mother in Pattiesmuir whilst I took Swiftusre into Rosyth in the early 1990s. Last saw Paul on a trip to Portland and had a boat trip on the Opal. Got into trouble when they put us on a buoy and some of the craft did a photo call for us. Paul was escorting I think the Tidespring out but may have been another RFA. Not sure of the date. Cannot remember which tug he was on then.

Had some good times back in the 80s. Had a guided tour around Rosyth Kyle and Greenock which was after the above. The Navy Days at Rosyth was the following day so we went out on the Spear and watched and photographed the Fearless being brought in for Navy days. The trip around the basin also nearly got the host officer in trouble as we could not resist pointing our cameras towards the laid up submarines, well one my colleagues did.

One day I will have time and know how in putting pictures onto the web.

Cheers Tony.
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