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Originally Posted by BigBev View Post
Hi Mike
Some other names for you that have crossed the bar. Tom Rennie (pic), John Griffiths and yes it was indeed Mick Carey (pic), also the Deck Officer back row next to Peter Graham can't remember his name, know his nickname but wont put it on site. Some other names John Rennie & Bobby Hannah.

Pete Graham is back on the Tugs, he is over in Gibraltar, as for the remainder some I havent seen or heard of for years so I can't help you there.
Hi Bev,

Pete Graham got the Gib job by chance as at the time there was an advert by QHM Gib in Lloyd's List which I saw when I was working at Forth Nav. I can't remember now whether I faxed it over or posted it over to RMS who I think Pete was working for at the time but shortly afterwards he was off to Gib!

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